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The Anchor Boys


The Anchor Boys are the youngest of our groups between the age ranges of 5-8 years old. The Anchor boys have lots of fun doing different activities.


These activities include team games, arts and crafts, puzzles and many more. They also wear a uniform (like at school) and are rewarded weekly for attending in full complete uniform. They also partake in Achievement classes, where they undertake a challenge. If these challenges are completed, then they gain badges and rewards!


The Anchor Boys are now a separate section as we now have some good numbers.


The structure of the night


6:15 - Topic with a Leader

6:30 - Games/Activies

7:00 - Achievement Classes

7:20 - Game/Activity

7:30 - Close and Finish


This is a great way to make and meet new friends and develop the friendships that are made outside of BB.



Leading Officers

James Hobson, Paul Cliff, Luke Bates and Ian Sherwin

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