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2017/2018 - What a start to a great year at BB!

Since September, There have been a lot of great events that have happened! All sections have played their part too.


September started a new session, with new boys arriving in all sections. With each group with around 10 boys each, its great to have such enthusiasm from the boys.


October marked our 110th birthday this year, which was celebrated at church and with a meal out with all the current company members. A cake was also made to mark the occasion. The following Friday marked our Enrolment service where boys won awards presented by our Company President, in addition to becoming members or our company thanks to our new chaplin.


November as usuall marks the start of BB week. This is where our boys collect donations to support our company so we can keep going! The boys did a fantastic job in raising money. We also managed to sell cakes after our parade service for this month, which went down a storm! Many thanks to all involved.


November also marked a trip to the local fire station for our anchors, something which the other sections will do in the new year!  In addition, we have bring a friend night for both anchors and juniors.


December we had our christmas party with lots of fun activities.


We would like to thank all that have been involved for your continued support!