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Boys' Brigade History

The Boys' Brigade was founded on 4th October 1883 by Sir William Alexander Smith. The first company resided in Glasgow, Scotland, which has now grown into a international organisation in over 60 countries.


Within Birmingham, the Boys' Brigade has existed for 111 years with our own company not far behind!

The 7th Birmingham formed on May 14th, 1907 at Watford Road Congregational Church.


In September 1908, a band sergeant and corporal were appointed to charge of the Boys' Brigade Band, which provided entertainment for many years.


Due to the first world war, the 7th BB ceased for the duration of the war as many of the staff were called to fight for their King and country.


Our company has excelled in competition with such highlights as winning the football cup final in 1969 at Villa Park.


Our company itself is a mixture of 2 other companies that existed around Cotteridge,  with the 53rd Bimingham Boys' Brigade company joining the 7th to form a combined company in 1985.


Company Captains


G.F. Charlton (1907-1911)


R. Astle (1911-1913)


H. Shrimpton (1913-1915)


C. Owens (1915-1917)


C. Francis


A. Harrison


H. Smets (1919-1924)


J.I. Higgs (1936-1947)


R.A. Smith (1947-1953)


D. Masefield (1953-1956)


B. Birchall


R.A. Smith (1957-1961)


H. York (1961-1965)


H.R. Adams (1965-1985)


M. Meadows (1985-1998)


R. Hotchkiss (1998 - Present)


Company Presidents


W.H. Rhodes


W.M. Hood


C.J. Bews


H.D. Cull


J.N. Bluck


R.A. Smith


S. Dewey


M. Meadows